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 How to Dual-Boot Mac and PC (Adv.)

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PostSubject: How to Dual-Boot Mac and PC (Adv.)   Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:11 am

So, today I'll show you how to dual-boot Mac and PC. I'll show you how to go from Mac-PC or PC-Mac.
You don't need any real materials to do this, exept a DVD, A processor that can support SSE2 And SSE3 which I'll explain on how to know if you have it or not.(Usually a AMD athalon or Intel should have it, and with pentium 3+ I think) and a hard-drive with a capacity that you'd be willing to split.
First, I'll explain how this works. When you setup your main OS (Operating syster = Windows, Mac, Linux) you are asked to boot on a certain partion.(C: hardrive is a partion) So, what we do is, we split the hard-drive into 2 partions(One Mac and the other PC) Once you partion your Harddrive into 2, Format the one for mac into Fat32 format(Remember this is only the description and follow through on what we will do, all the instructions, links are below). Once you have that and the Mac OS X86 iAtkos on your DVD. Restart your computer with the Mac OS X86 iAtkos DVD in your drive. The setup is fairly simple, but when you get to the part where it asks to install on a partion, erase the Mac OS X (Journaled) format and you'll be able to install it. You'll get a list of the things you wan't to install with it.(Don't worry, if you know your stuff you can do this on your own, but if you get errors after install, just ask me and I'll give you all the stuff you need to check off(I almost know every little thing about computer hardware there is)) Once your done that, it'll restart and you'll be at bootloader, and select the OS you want to use(Mac or PC)Then you'll get setup which is up to you to decide on what to put. Ok, so right now I just told you on whats going to happen, that should let you decide if you want to go through with this or not.


1.Make sure your processor is SSE2 and SSE3 Compatable using a program called everest.

2.Download EASUS Partion Master

3.Download iAtkos V7 from this link *NOTE* You need to have a Torrent downloaded (uTorrent.com has one) and burn it onto a DVD (Use poweriso.com)

4.Here comes the tricky part. Open up the Partion Manager you downloaded and find your hard drive.(I'm not gonna post screenshots because it's simple and if you can't find it then try some common sense)Click Shrink/Resize the partion. I recommend you use 40-50 GB for the unformatted space. Soon you'll have your main hard drive and something called "Unallocated space" with 40-50 GB of space. Right click on it and type format. Choose the Fat32 format and hit ok.

5. Take that DVD of iAtkos v7 and restart your computer with the DVD in your drive.

6. A setup menu will appear. Click on Utility on the top and go down to disk utility. Find you unallocated space or 40-50 GB hard drive that you formatted and head on over to erase and erase MAC OS X JOURNALED

7. Then the HardDrive should appear when you want to install it on to the hard drive(If you don't do the disk utility thing, you won't see a hardDrive.)

8.Click "Customize" before you click install and check off the things you want it to install (If you get errors afterwards, it's because you didn't pick the right settings(I can tell you what you need, just give me your Computer Info))

9.Wait for install to finish, it will reboot, go to Chameleon Bootloader v2 or whatever you use and boot up mac(Don't **** with this on first boot).

10. Do your setup(Account, Email, Ethernet)

11. Done, each time you boot, you'll have the bootloader come up and ask you if you want to go on PC or Mac!


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How to Dual-Boot Mac and PC (Adv.)
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